NAP (Numerical Analysis Project) is one of my projects that I’d implemented it when I was a BS.c student (2002).

NAP calculates some problems on Numerical Analysis such as:

  1. Roots of nonlinear equations with all methods.
  2. Numerical Integration with all methods.
  3. Numerical Differentiation with all methods.
  4. Horner’s Method for calculating polynomials.
  5. Roots of polynomials.
  6. System of Linear Equations (with all methods).
  7. Interpolation (Graphical and with all methods).
  8. Differential Equations.
  9. 2D and 3D Plot.

NAP was implemented in Visual Basic 6.





to download NAP installer and NAP Source Codes, use below links:

gNAP Source Codes  (in Visual Basic 6)

gNAP Installer  (in all windows operating systems)