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Goals of this project is designing a very wide and complete calculator that can do following operations:

  1. To support all operations of ordinary calculator.
  2. To support all operations of scientific calculator.
  3. To support Big Integers and Big Doubles (not limited to java int or long or double) and operations among them.
  4. To support numbers and Big Numbers in all bases (2 to 10,000,000).
  5. To support Polynomials and operations among them.
  6. To support mathematics equation y=F(x) and operations on it (such as: eval method, finding roots and drawing F)
  7. the similar project:

gTotalCALC is a complex project. Goals of defining this project are as following:

  1. By this project, I learn my student how to overcome to complexity of complex project with decomposing it into classes and how can we use object oriented techniques to write and manage complex projects.
  2. How to manage complex projects with Java Classes and Packages.
  3. How can we define a new class, constructors, setter, getters and override standard library methods.
  4. What is the meaning of static, final,… in Java.
  5. To develop project by Java GUI.

This project is decompose to following classes:

BigInt, BigDouble, gBaseBigNBigDouble, BigMath, gMath, gPol, gEVAL.