gIS-01,02 Project

Information System Project (gIS-01: Console Base, gIS-02: GUI Base)

In this project each student should select his/her individual information system to develop.Students should use gString and gFile class  to develop this project.

Sample information systems are shown as following:

Library System
Accounting Systems
Banking System
Chain Stores System
Restaurant System
Social System
Pyramid System
Conference System
Office System
Sales System
Depot System
Payroll System
Assets System
Hospital System
Passenger Travel System
Insurance system
News Agency System
Post System
Fair System

Other types of information systems can be selected after prior notify.

Students should know or gather overall information about their systems. They are supposed to implement their information systems in easy mood. Do not need to implement deeply in details.

A good detailed information system should have:

  1. at least 5 major functionalities
  2. at least 5 to 10 attributes for each functionality
  3. at least 5 to 10 files should be needed to develop whole project

After that each students should follow these steps:

Step 1: Finding at least 5 primary functionalities of information system, and write brief description for each of them.

for example:  functionalities of Library system may be as following:

  1. Insert/Modify books information
  2. Insert/Modify member information
  3. Add new borrow information
  4. Add new reserve information
  5. Add return book information

Step 2: Identifying essential input values (attributes) for each of them (at least 5 attribute for each).

for example:  attributes of BOOK in Library System may be as following

  1. Book Number (BNO): should be unique
  2. Book Title
  3. Book Authors
  4. Book Subjects
  5. Book ISBN
  6. Book Publish Year
  7. and etc.

Step 3: Identifying essential files needed to the information system

For example in Library System we need these files:

  1. Book File
  2. Member File
  3. Borrow and Return File (distinguished by BorrowDate and ReturnDate and isReturned)
  4. Reserve File

step 4: Designing console based menu for the project (gIS-01) and GUI based project with JFrame and JPopupMenu.

Students can download a very simple Library implementation (just 2 JFrame) without code, here: GLib

step 5: Implementing Information System using gFile, gString.