gDSTools is going to be a Data Structures Tools. This project should support all diagrams of Data Structures such as:

  1. Simple Linked List
  2. Double Linked List
  3. Circular Simple Linked List
  4. Circular Double Linked List
  5. Ordered Linked List
  6. Stack
  7. Queue
  8. Tree
  9. and etc.

gDSTools was divided into following phases:

  1. Phase 1: gDSTools as a Modeling Tools  (Just like a modeling tools to draw Data Structure models)
  2. Phase 2: gDSTools as Data Structures Logic Tools (To support all logic on models and generate codes)


We started with phase 1. To download very simple version of that use below link:



My students DSTools Completed Project:

1- Mydstools2 (very good project)