My main goals of developing gGame are:

  1. Deep understanding the power of inheritance in practice.
  2. To understand the power of polymorphism in practice.
  3. To learn managing a project with more classes (by the use of inheritance).

gGame basically is a Paranoid Game. (like

ggame02  ggame01

But, everyone can easily change it to other 2D Games.

It has been designed like a game framework. (but not exactly is)

First of all, you should read and understand it’s class diagram.    gGame-Class Diagram

It has a Map Designer too.


to download first and basic version of gGame-Paranoid and it’s map designer use below links:



Sample games based on gGame that have been implemented by my students in my OOP classes

1- AirCraft Game : AirCraft

2- Zombie Game :  Zombie

3- Chicken Game : Chicken    ,    Map Designer: Chicken-MapDesigner

4- Jumping Game : Jumping

5- Road Fighter Game : Game-RoadFighter-01

6- Mario Game : GGame- Mario

7- Aircraft Game 2:  havapeyma

8- Car Game : PuyanFirstGames-V(1.0)

9- Tank Game: gTANK Sample