Fall 2014 (931)

931-Technical Presentation

In this post I put all things about 931-Technical Presentation.

0. Final Grades: 931-Shive-Final Grades  (new)

  1. Seminars Rules:  All Seminar Guidelines (Farsi)
  2. Some of proposed topics are:

Seminar Topics

Ant Groovy (+5) Java EE 7 (Architecture)
Maven Git EJB (+5)
Struts RESTful (+5) Spring (+10)
JUnit GlassFish (+5) Scala (+5)
Java Regular Expressions (-) JavaFX Hibernate
Java Generics (-) Java Reflection MyBatis
Java Collections (-) JBoss JSF (+10)
Other Java based technologies Java Threads OSGi (+15)
Other topics with prior arrangement Nexus Strips (+10)